Bartosz Grudzinski

Assistant Professor
Miami University
218 Shideler Hall


  • BS 2008, Eastern IllinoisUniversity
  • Ms 2010, Northern Illinois University
  • PhD 2014, Kansas State University


Broadly defined, my primary interests include fluvial geomorphology, aquatic ecology, and hydrology. My teaching and research encompass human-environmental interactions, watershed processes, and land use impacts on aquatic systems. My graduate students' research strives to: 1) Determine how anthropogenic influences have altered fluvial ecosystems relative to undisturbed states, 2) Identify prominent mechanisms that alter the Earth’s surface in local areas with global implications, and 3) Determine best management practices that promote restoration, re-wilding and overall increased overall health of aquatic environments.


  • GEO 121: Earth's Physical Environment
  • GEO 221: Regional Physical Environments
  • GEO 425: Hydrogeography
  • GEO 426: Watershed Management

Selected Publications

Rech, J, B Grudzinski, W Renwick, C Tenison, M Jojola, M Vanni, T Workman. 2018. "Legacy deposits, milldams, water quality, and environmental change in the Four Mile Creek watershed, southwestern Ohio". The Geological Society of America Field Guide 51.

B Grudzinski, CM Ruffing, MD Daniels, M Rawitch. 2018. "Bison and Cattle Grazing Impacts on Baseflow Suspended Sediment Concentrations Within Grassland Streams". Annals of the American Association of Geographers.