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photo of students visiting Versailles in France
 Steamers let light through at dusk
Student in front of mural on wall in Berlin

Miami’s SUSI Program resumes in-person intercultural engagement for student participants from Latin American countries

August 08, 2022

Miami hosted 15 students from Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Nicaragua to take classes, visit various Oxford organizations, and learn about life in the United States

photo of Elyse Legeay"Everything that I'm learning in my international studies major—because it's so interdisciplinary—is helping me feel confident in whatever position I end up in. International studies and GIC are very critical thinking-oriented fields, so I work a lot at understanding different perspectives and how things impact each other."

- Elyse Legeay, Class of 2021

Read what Elyse and others had to say about the GIC programs.