Visiting Lecture Program

Our faculty can present to your math club or undergraduate colloquium. Along with a
lecture, we can also provide information about our Master's program. To arrange a talk,
please contact Beata Randrianantoanina (, Doug Ward, or the speaker directly and set up a mutually convenient date.

Reza Akhtar

  • Sperner Theory
    Prerequisite: Basic Knowledge of Proof and Set-Theoretic Language

Olga Brezhneva

  • Introduction to Optimization
    Prerequisite: Matrix multiplication
  • Why Do We Need Differential Equations?
    Prerequisite: Calculus 1
  • What is Numerical Analysis About?
    Prerequisite: Calculus 1

Louis DeBiasio

  • The Probabilistic Method in Combinatorics
    Prerequisite: Basic Probability and Combinatorics
  • What is... the Chromatic Number of a Graph?
    Prerequisite: None

Patrick Dowling

  • Fixed Point Theory and Applications
    Prerequisite: Calculus II

Jason Gaddis

  • An introduction to voting theory
    Prerequisite: None
  • The language of (quantum) symmetry
    Prerequisite: None

Tao Jiang

  • A Taste of Graph Theory
    Prerequisite: For Math Majors

Dennis Keeler

  • How Your Computer Does Algebra
    Prerequisite: Linear Algebra
  • Hyperbolic Geometry with Geometer's Sketchpad
    Prerequisite: None

Zevi Miller

  • Problems in Graph Theory
    Prerequisite: Juniors and above
  • Applications of Graph Theory in Computer Science
    Prerequisite: Juniors and above

Dan Pritikin

  • Variations of the "Lights Out" Game
    Prerequisite: None (linear algebra helpful)
  • Math Sing-Alongs
    Description: Dr. Dan leads your group to sing along with some famous pop hits, with a twist: the words have been changed to "parody lyrics" with mathematical content (something like Weird Al Yankovic material). Over 20 parodies are ready to go (way too many for a 50 minute session, so you can help choose which ones to use). Some math topics require no special background, and for the more advanced topics Dr. Dan has prepared a short introductory PowerPoint lecture to precede the song. The room used for the sing-along session must have a laptop connection with both projection and audio so that Dan's laptop can project lyrics in PowerPoint while playing songs on iTunes through your speakers.

Doug Ward

  • Nonsmooth Analysis: Or, What Do You Set Equal to Zero When the Derivative Doesn't Exist?
    Prerequisite: Calculus 1, dot product of vectors