Psychrophilic algae
Microbiology at Miami

Graduate Student Seminars

MBI 690 Seminars
Spring 2019

218 Pearson Hall
Mondays@4:15 pm

February 11

Organizarional Meeting
No seminar

February 18

Jyoti Kashyap
“Investigating Quaternary Amine  Degradation Pathways  from  Human gut and Environmental Isolates B1d”

February 25

Chandra Mani Kafle
“ATM-mediated regulation of DNA damage responses and cell cycle in Adenovirus infected cells "

March 4

Christopher Chen
“Regulation of DNA-PK activation during Adenovirus infection ”

March 11

Joseph Mikulin
“Expression and function of SLAMF9

March 18

Nathan Schwab
“The biphasic lifecycle of two Mycoplasma species: evasion, shape change, and virulence

April 1

Brianna Bates
“Characterizing SLAMF9

April 8

Md Aminul Islam
“Investigating the immune response against Acinetobacter baumannii

April 15

Abigail Mills
"Sustained CEF and the effects on  Chlamydomonas sp. UWO241."

April 29

Parnell Sheldon
“Analysis of Antarctic Fungi

Wednesday, May 1

Autumn Robinson
“Investigating the Significance of Histone Post-translational Modifications During Adenovirus Infection