Paul Urayama

Associate Professor
Faculty, Graduate Program in Cell, Molecular, and Structural Biology
Affiliate Faculty, Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering

Paul Urayama

107 Kreger, Office Hours

513-529-9274 (office phone)
513-529-5629 (fax) 

Laboratory web page

  • B.S. Physics, University of California at Irvine, 1994.
  • B.S. Biological Sciences, University of California at Irvine, 1994.
  • Ph.D. Physics, Princeton University, 2001
  • Joined Miami University faculty in 2003

Teaching: Courses recently taught are [textbooks in brackets]:

• PHY281 - Contemporary Physics I: Foundations [Harris, Modern Physics]
• PHY282 - Contemporary Physics II: Frontiers [Harris, Modern Physics]
• PHY421/521 - Molecular and Cellular Biophysics [Nelson, Biological Physics]
• PHY422/522 - Physics for Medicine and Biology [Hobbie and Roth, Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology]
• PHY437/537 - Intermediate Thermodynamics and Introduction to Statistical Physics [Bowley and Sanchez, Introductory Statistical Mechanics]
• PHY642 - Advanced Kinetic Theory and Statistical Mechanics [Pathria and Beale, Statistical Mechanics]

I am passionate about involving students in biophysical research. I was awarded the College of Arts and Science Distinguished Educator Award for teaching and mentoring activities.

Research: My research area is experimental biological physics. My laboratory develops analytical approaches for fluorescence-based metabolic sensing with emphasis towards biomedical applications and mitochondrial function under extreme pressure. Recent papers have appeared in Analytical Chemistry, Journal of Biophotonics, and RSC Advances. All involve student co-authors. Publications list

Service and Advising: Service activities related to students include:

• academic advising for department Class of 2019
• academic advising for biological physics majors
• academic advising for students interested in the health professions (see Premedical Advisory Committee)
• university’s campus representative for the Goldwater Scholarship and faculty liaison for the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation