Internship Overview

Process for Earning Course Credit for a Psychology Internship

An undergraduate internship in psychology benefits students in many ways including a) improving learning in psychology by providing an applied component to complement classroom learning; b) exposing psychology majors to possible career choices and c) improving students’ attractiveness to employers.  

Definition of Internship

  • Applied experience directly related to any area of psychology (e.g., clinical, social, cognitive, developmental, etc), neuroscience, mental health or the application of psychology in a business setting
  • Involves tasks/activities in a professional setting that help to prepare a student for work they will do after graduation with a Bachelors degree or higher
  • Takes place outside of the University classroom (e.g., clinical setting, community setting, industry/business)
  • Includes regular individual or group supervision by a designated professional supervisor
  • Connected to Psychology coursework (previous or current)
  • Involves a learning agreement between Psychology Department, Student and Internship Site that makes clear the expectations for the student, learning outcomes and an agreed upon product or output  

Course Description (PSY 340):  This course will give undergraduate psychology majors course credit for applied experience in the field of psychology, neuroscience, mental health or the application of psychology in a business setting.  Students will work outside of the University classroom (e.g., clinical setting, community setting, industry/business), receiving regular individual or group supervision by a designated, professional supervisor.  PSY 340 will count as electives.  PSY 340 does NOT count as one of your required courses at the 300 level or above.

Process for Earning Course Credit:

Site Approval Application (if site is not pre-approved): Students must undergo an application process to have a potential internship experience approved by the Psychology Undergraduate Committee (UGC) to be eligible for course credit.  The approval process will entail the student gathering relevant information about the site, work activities, credentials of the supervisor, nature of the supervision and potential products/outputs of the internship experience.  While there are a handful of internship sites that have pre-approval and offer internships to Miami Students every year, students are also encouraged to seek-out and cultivate their own internship.

Proposal Paper: Students will also be required to write a 1 ½ - 2 page, double spaced proposal paper detailing how the experience is related to previous or current coursework in psychology.  

Learning Agreement: The student and professional supervisor will develop a formal learning agreement which will specify learning outcomes, supervision arrangements, time-commitment and a specific product or output that will be a demonstration of the learning.  Students may earn 1 hour of course credit per semester.  The learning agreement must be approved by the Psychology UGC.  At the end of each semester, the internship coordinator will communicate with the on-site supervisor about whether the student has met the terms of the learning agreement and assign a Pass or Fail grade based upon the supervisor’s feedback.

For more information about pre-approved sites and the required forms (see above), please visit the main office. 

For more information, please stop into the Center for Psychological Inquiry. If the CPI is unable to answer your question(s), please contact Dr. Jennifer Green ( or Dr. Brooke Spangler (