Patrick J. Capretta Memorial Scholarship

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

Nominations due by April 1, with prizes awarded no later than the Hinkle Poster Session 

The Capretta Scholarship is awarded to graduate students for research accomplishments completed at Miami University. Graduate students who have completed their master’s thesis and have not previously received the Capretta Scholarship are eligible to be nominated.

Nominations initiated by psychology faculty or students (self or peer) should include:

  1. A single letter of support from a psychology faculty member documenting the merit of the nominee’s work on a specific research project. This letter can contain comments from multiple faculty members, but they should all address the same, singular project. This letter cannot exceed two pages (11 point font or larger, 1 inch margins or larger).
  2. An essay written by the nominee (1 page maximum, 11 point font and 1 inch margins) that addresses the nominee’s work related to a single research project that best embodies the student’s research scholarship in psychology. Data must be collected and analyzed for scholarship consideration (i.e., the essay cannot describe planned or incomplete work).

Successful applications will effectively demonstrate nominee effectiveness in all three of these qualities:

  • The project’s merit 

  • The project’s dissemination to the public or scientific community (e.g., evidence of publication in a peer-reviewed publication, conference presentations, or dissemination to relevant audiences)
  • Evidence of the student’s experience in the project involving collaborations with graduate peers and faculty members, as well as mentoring undergraduates in psychology research 

The deadline for completed nominations is April 1 before 5 p.m.

All supporting documents (i.e., faculty member letter of support, the nominee’s essay) should be sent as a single PDF attachment by email to − please make sure the email subject line reads (this subject line is important to ensure the nomination is considered): Capretta Nomination.

Each of the three areas of the department (i.e., BCD, Clinical, Social) will be asked to identify a top nominee. Other scholarships that might be awarded, at the discretion of the Chair of the Department of Psychology, will be based on faculty voting in mid-April, applying the three criteria listed above.