Graduate Admission

To be admitted to any of the graduate programs in psychology, students must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and provide official GRE scores. Applicants may be asked to provide unofficial GRE scores before official GRE scores are available. Candidates’ undergraduate preparation should include a background in psychology, at least one course in mathematics, statistics, and one laboratory course in psychology. Demonstrated ability and experience in research and activities related to the applicant’s desired field of study is considered very importantThree letters of recommendation are required. Although most students enter the program after finishing a bachelor’s degree, the department does admit students who have completed a master’s degree from another program. A number of successful graduates of the program have entered after having worked in other fields.

Visit Information

The clinical faculty invite their top applicants to visit the department prior to making offers of admission. Visits to the department are not otherwise scheduled by the clinical program. The faculty in the other subareas encourage qualified applicants to visit the department before admission decisions are made.

Application Deadlines

  • Clinical Program | December 1
  • Social Program | December 1
  • Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental Program | December 1 [Review of BCD applications will begin December 1st and continue until the incoming class is formed.]

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