Ryan Gunderson


Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology and Gerontology


PhD Sociology - Michigan State University

MA Sociology - University of Wyoming

BA Secondary Education/Social Studies - University of Wyoming

Ryan Gunderson received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Michigan State University in 2014 with Specializations in Environmental Science and Policy, Animal Studies, and Gender, Justice and Environmental Change. His primary interests are in environmental sociology, social theory, political economy, animal studies, and the sociology of technology. Ryan's current research projects include a sociological examination of geoengineering, an integrative study bringing together research on deliberative environmental decision-making and models of global environmental governance, and a conceptual investigation of how classical sociological theory can shed light on the social aspects of contemporary technologies. Ryan teaches introduction to Social Justice Studies, Research Methods, and Social Stratification. He is designing a course on environmental sociology and environmental justice that will be offered during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Recent Publications

Stuart, Diana, Ryan Gunderson, and Brian Petersen. Forthcoming. "Climate Change and the Polanyian Counter-movement: Carbon Markets or Degrowth?" New Political Economy.

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Stuart, Diana and Ryan Gunderson. Forthcoming. "Animals as Fictitious Commodities: Exploitation and Consequences in Industrial Agriculture." Society & Animals.

Gunderson, Ryan, Diana Stuart, and Brian Petersen. In press. "Ideological Obstacles to Effective Climate Policy: The Greening of Markets, Technology, and Growth. Capital & Class.

Gunderson, Ryan, Brian Petersen, and Diana Stuart. 2018. "A Critical Examination of Geoengineering: Economic and Technological Rationality in Social Context" Sustainability  10(1):269.

Whitley, Cameron, Ryan Gunderson, and Meghan Charters. 2018. "Public Receptiveness to Policies Promoting Plant-based Diets: Framing Effects and Social Psychological and Structural Influences." Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning 20(1):45-63.

Muschert, Glenn W. and Ryan Gunderson. 2018. "The Sociology of Simmel and Digital Divides: Information, Value, Exchange, and Sociation in the Networked Environment." Pp. 11-20 in Theorizing Digital Divides, edited by Massimo Ragnedda and Glenn W. Muschert. New York: Routledge.

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Dentzman, Katherine, Ryan Gunderson, and Raymond Jussaume. 2016. "Techno-optimism as a Barrier to Overcoming Herbicide Resistance: Comparing Farmer Perceptions of the Future Potential of Herbicides." Journal of Rural Studies 48:22-32.

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