Faculty Spotlights

William Attwood-Charles

William Attwood-Charles joined our department faculty in Fall 2020. We are thrilled to have him join us with the launch of the new Organizational Leadership major.

Thank you for the warm welcome. It has been nice to settle in somewhat and to see more of Miami and Oxford. It is a beautiful campus and I have never seen a sociology department with so many animal specimens. I have enjoyed teaching Social Problems and getting to know the students and culture of Miami better. Everyone has been wonderful!

To introduce myself, I received my PhD from Boston College in 2018. I am primarily trained as an organizational and economic sociologist. My dissertation was a comparative study of organizations that formerly reject bureaucratic hierarchy. Specifically, I studied a collaborative production environment (commonly known as a "makerspace") and two on-demand labor platforms for couriers (Postmates and Favor). Much of my research explores dynamics of inclusion and exclusion in organizations, as well as how work is organized, transformed and experienced. I'm also interested in social movements, technology, and innovation (particularly in the digital economy). My research is mostly ethnographic and interview-based.