Extracurricular Activities FAQ

Am I expected to participate in extracurricular activities?

Your first and foremost concern is attending classes and maintaining good grades. After this, you will certainly want to examine some of the various activities sponsored by both the university and AFROTC. We feel there is something in our program of interest to everyone.

Can I participate in intercollegiate athletics while a member of the AFROTC program?

Yes. Among our ranks are a variety of varsity and club athletes participating in sports ranging from hockey, to track, to cheerleading. We'll work with your sports schedule to ensure you get the best possible college experience. The Air Force encourages an active lifestyle, and athletics are a great way to achieve it!

What is a Dining-Out?

A Dining-Out is a formal military banquet steeped in custom and tradition. The Dining-Out enables you to bring a date or guest(s) to enjoy many time-honored festivities. It is one of the highlights of being a cadet at the detachment!

Does the AFROTC program include any other extracurricular activities?

Definitely! Such activities as the Arnold Air Society, Blue Diamonds, and Dining-Out will prepare you as a future officer to meet your social obligations, become involved with community and civic action projects, and understand the tradition of the military environment. There are also numerous athletic events where you can compete with others.