Courses in Healthcare

Dr. Richard Hirsh chats with students after a seminar session

The Mallory-Wilson Center has developed courses that are designed to support the Center's mission by providing Miami undergraduates an opportunity to explore, in depth, the world of healthcare before becoming committed to the profession.

Professional Development Courses

PMD 101: Explorations in Medicine and Healthcare Professions

Explores the various fields of medicine and healthcare professions and helps students considering a career in the healthcare field develop a comprehensive plan of preparation for admission to medical school or other healthcare profession school. This professional development course is for all students considering a career in healthcare. Credit/no-credit only.

PMD 301: Preparing for a Career in Medicine and Healthcare Professions

Explores issues facing medical practitioners, encourages reflection on personal medical experiences and motivation for becoming a healthcare professional, and develops interviewing skills. The final product will be completion of a mock application to a healthcare professional school. This professional development course will be of interest to students applying to medical or other health profession school. Credit/no-credit only.

Seminar/Discussion Courses

PMD 210: Discussions in Healthcare

This seminar offers students in the Premedical Scholars program the opportunity to identify, present, and discuss issues that will face future healthcare practitioners. May be taken multiple times. Credit/no-credit only. Open only to students in the Premedical Scholars Program.

PMD 310: Topics in Healthcare

This seminar is designed as a topics course so that a more complete exploration of the world of healthcare can occur over multiple semesters. PMD 310 addresses topics such as differences among medical specialties, or differences among healthcare professions etc.

PMD 410: Issues in Healthcare

This seminar is similar in format to PMD 310, but as a 400-level course, more complex issues in healthcare will be addressed (cost of healthcare, end of life issues, etc.)

Ms. Michele Molden chats with students after a seminar session

These seminar courses differ from traditional courses. Rather than listening to lectures, students explore various topics in healthcare, present their research to the class and lead a discussion on the topic.

Dr. Kenneth McLeish poses with capstone seminar students

The class also invites guest speakers, usually Miami alumni or regional physicians, to share their experiences. The discussions among students and the guest speakers are often the most lively of the semester. After the class students host the guest speaker in a small dinner setting and continue the discussion.

Topics for the courses have included:

  • Residency Issues; Training & Career Options
  • Difficult Medical Patient-Physician Decisions; Pain Management
  • Physician Extenders - The Team Approach to the Practice of Medicine
  • Problems Facing Primary Care Physicians
  • Making a Correct Diagnosis; Physicians are not Infallible
  • Issues Facing an Ageing Society; Managing vs Curing Illness
  • Preventing Burnout; Balancing Career and Family; Women in Medicine
  • Practicing Medicine in an Academic Setting: The Physician as Scientist
  • Cultural Competence; Issues in Patient Education/Communication