Alex Belman

photo of Alex Belman

My Profession

"In October 2019 I started working at a big law firm in Baltimore as an associate in the real estate practice group. My practice currently focuses on commercial real estate deals where I work on projects involving leasing, purchasing/selling, and lending/borrowing. It is an incredible place to begin my career and I hope to stay there and work my way up the ranks.

"I'm also part of Miami's Pre-Law Alumni Advisory Board. We meet twice a year, once in the fall for our student engagement day and once more in the spring for the Board meeting. In the fall we meet with current students who are in the law school application process and provide them with tips and advice. In the spring we help plan the agenda for the Pre-Law Center and learn more about the Center's accomplishments over the past year."

My Miami Experiences

"Miami developed me as a person and as a student, and my Miami experience was fundamental to getting me to where I am today. Taking classes in the Department of Political Science in CAS and the Department of Economics at the Farmer School of Business, going through the entire Miami Plan, studying abroad, and so much more gave me an eclectic experience while also allowing me to focus on the areas I was interested in.

"While I was a student at Miami I founded a breast cancer research fundraiser with my freshman year roommate. My friends and I ran the fundraiser and throughout my 4 years we raised $35,000. It was an opportunity both to do something beneficial for those affected but also to learn various skills that have helped me post-grad — how to manage a team, how to build a brand, and how to effectively communicate among other things. Running the fundraiser was difficult but the money we raised was incredibly rewarding."

Miami and the Liberal Arts

"The liberal arts experience was very positive for me. Even though I majored in political science and economics, I took classes in science, history, music, and many other subjects. Taking liberal arts classes broadened my knowledge base and developed connections between both the classes in my major and the real world, which contributed to a better understanding in my major classes."

Advice to Students

"Take the opportunities you are interested in and run with them. The worst case is you won't like it, but the best case is you'll love it and become passionate about it. If it takes longer to find what you like, that's ok. If you enjoy the time you have at Miami and try making the most of it, you will develop connections and begin figuring out what you want to do post-Miami.

Coming out of Miami, we're all very capable — take advantage of all the phenomenal opportunities Miami has to offer! I tried taking myself out of my comfort zone by taking on as many opportunities as I could. I think you'll be amazed at your potential for growth when you bite off more than you can chew."

[February 2020]