Henry Hockeimer

photo of Henry Hockeimer

My Profession

"I work for a law firm, Ballard Spahr, which I joined in 2005. We're based in Philadelphia and have 16 offices around the country. I'm the practice leader of the white-collar and government investigations group. Before that I was a federal prosecutor.

"We get hired by companies and individuals who are under some type of investigation, usually a criminal or some type of regulatory investigation. Our clients range from mid-sized to very large Fortune 500 companies. I also frequently represent individuals who are the focus of federal or state investigations."

My Miami Experiences

"Oxford is a great college town, and Miami offers tremendous academics. My best friend from high school and I roomed together freshman year. Miami was a great spot to go to, and just getting in was a plus!

"I like to read, and I like to argue, so I began as an English major and then started taking political science classes. I just kind of gravitated to those classes and became close to one of my political science professors at the time, Dan Jacobs. He's since passed away but was a great guy. I then chose my double major in English and political science.

"With my interest in political science, history was the next logical thing, so I picked up a minor. I focused on Russian studies, which in the 1980s was kind of a big deal with the continuation of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. I also had an internship one summer at the U.S. State Department in Washington, and I really enjoyed learning more about foreign policy and foreign affairs."

Miami and the Liberal Arts

"Miami offers a broad-based curriculum that helps you to think and look through different viewpoints. When I was a student I remember taking a variety of classes, including Russian and Soviet studies and African American literature. Getting such a broad background was very helpful in my decision to attend law school.

"Knowing how to write persuasively and how to communicate with people is helpful in any profession you choose — whether you're in medicine, business, engineering, or of course law."

Advice to Students

"I know it sounds like a cliche, but pick something to major in that you really like and that you're good at. This will lead you to a career that you enjoy. My dad always told me it's really important that you pick an interest or career that you don't dread on a Sunday night going into class or work the next day!"

[December 2019]