Lucas Nourse

photo of Lucas Nourse

  • BA in Microbiology (2009)
  • cardiothoracic anesthesiologist at Northstar Anesthesia
  • lives in Louisville, KY

My Profession

"I provide anesthesia for all types of procedures, but I'm one of the few physicians nationwide specifically trained for open heart procedures, heart transplants, and mechanical heart implants. I care for patients throughout these procedures, including putting them on cardiopulmonary bypass.

"I received my B.A. in Microbiology at Miami before going off to medical school at LECOM in Bradenton, Florida.  I then did my residency at Largo Medical Center in Largo, Florida. After that, I started a fellowship training program in cardiothoracic anesthesia in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am now working in the Louisville metro area. I would ultimately like to become head of a cardiac anesthesia program to advance the field of artificial hearts — I may even decide to enter politics!"

My Miami Experiences

"I was always interested in medicine, and microbiology is really the foundation of all medicine at its most sentinel level. At Miami, my microbiology and zoology courses with professor of microbiology Mitchell Balish and associate teaching professor of biology David Russell in particular prepared me to succeed in medical school and beyond. These courses became the cornerstone upon which you build up to doing an actual heart transplant. However, there were many courses throughout the College of Arts and Science that I greatly enjoyed and found useful.

"As a Miami undergraduate, I especially enjoyed living in our Beta Theta Pi annex house, which was called 'Fratican.' There were also many late nights studying in King Library. I remember really struggling with my honors courses in botany, microbiology, and zoology and wondering if I had the stuff to make it in the medical field. They were extremely challenging, but they prepared me for the rigors of medicine in graduate school and my career."

Miami and the Liberal Arts

"The liberal arts are extremely important because they force students to become dynamic in their learning. This is important for your success after you leave Miami. You may be the best microbiologist in the nation, but you won't get a research grant if you cannot navigate the world outside the microscope. These days, you have to be multidimensional.

"Microbiology majors can take on a number of career paths in medicine and research. There's pretty much an unlimited number of opportunities in healthcare with that kind of degree, and even beyond. After all, microbes are everywhere!"

Advice to Students

"Enjoy your moments at Miami. President emeritus Phillip R. Shriver said it best (and I'm paraphrasing): you will always take a part of Miami with you wherever you go, so go out and experience everything it has to offer. This goes especially for opportunities outside the classroom. Love and Honor!"

[May 2019]