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Equipment and Facilities

CAMI has a diversity of computer and digital imaging/analysis capabilities. The facility is hard-wired with category 6 ethernet which provides for its own local area gigabit network as well as providing access throughout the Miami University network and the Internet.

Digital images can be captured from a diversity of input sources including direct digitizing from:

  • microscopes
  • video cameras
  • copystand dSLR cameras
  • high-resolution film and flatbed scanners (prints and negatives)

Image manipulation/analysis software includes:

  • Image Pro Plus
  • Global Lab Imaging
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Presentations
  • Corel Photopaint
  • and others

Images can be output via high-resolution and wide-format printers:

  • Epson SureColor P9000
  • Epson stylus photo inkjet printers

Data storage is handled via 9 TB of on-line storage, DVD, or CD-ROM recording.

In addition to being fully equipped for conventional specimen preparations, CAMI is specialized for cryo-preservation techniques. CAMI houses one of the few high-pressure freezing units in North America (Balzers HFP 010), a propane jet freezing unit (RMC MF7200), a slam freezer (Pelco "Gentleman Jim"), and an automated freeze-substitution system (Reichert CSAuto).

In addition, the facility has 26+ pieces of specimen preparation equipment.

A small library of journals and books is also available.

Our Microscopes

To see the hourly rates for microscope use, please log in to the PPMS scheduler. You can see the hourly rates by clicking on the “Book” option at the top of the page and choosing a microscope. The rates will appear in the upper right corner of each microscope booking page. If it says N/A, there is no charge for using that microscope. Contact CAMI if you need help or have any questions

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)


Electron Sources: Tungsten Hairpin
Imaging Modes: Secondary Electron, Backscattered Electron Accelerating
Voltages: 1.0-30 kV, 100ev Steps
Working Distances: 8mm, 20mm, and 45mm
Magnifications: 15x - 50,000x
Image Recording:

Orion Digital Capture Interface: Fast and Slow Scan
Polaroid 4" x 5" sheet camera
NTSC Composite video output

EDAX Genesis 2000 Energy Dispersive x-ray microanalysis system

Zeiss Supra 35 VP FEG SEM

Electron Sources: Schottky Field Emission
Imaging Modes: Secondary Electron (SE), Backscattered Electron (QBSD), VPSE, In-lens SE
Accelerating Voltages: 0.1 - 30 kV by 0.01 kV steps
Probe Current: 4 pA to 20nA
Working Distances: 0.1 - 50mm
Magnifications: 12x - 900,000x
Stage: X=125mm, Y=100mm, Z=35mm, T=0 to 90
Image Recording: 512 x 384 to 3072 x 2304 pixels at 16-bit
Bruker Quantax 100 Energy Dispersive x-ray microanalysis system
HKL Channel 5 Electron Backscattered Diffraction System (EBSD)

Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

JEOL JEM-2100 Analytical TEM/STEM

Electron Sources: Lab6
Accelerating Voltages: 70 to 200 kV
Imaging Modes: Brightfield, Darkfield, SAD, STEM, EFTEM
Specimen Stage: Motorized, SEG with ± 75º tilt
Single & Double tilt holders
Magnifications: 500x - 1,500,000X, GIF mag 16X

Gatan Orius SC200D Camera(2K x 2K)
Gatan HAADF STEM Detector
Gatan GIF Tridiem 863 Post-Column Energy Filter EELS/EFTEM with 2Kx2K UltraScan 1000 FT camera
Bruker Quantax 200 STEM XEDS System


Electron Sources: Tungsten Hairpin & LaB6
Accelerating Voltages: 40 to 120 kV
Imaging Modes: Brightfield, Darkfield, SAD
Specimen Stage: SEG with ± 60º tilt
Magnifications: 50x - 400,000X
Bottom mounted SIA-L9C digital camera (11 megapixels), with MaxIm DL 5 software
Image Recording: 3.25" x 4" sheet film

Light Microscopes

Zeiss LSM 710 Laser Scanning Confocal System

34-Channel spectral fluorescence and one transmitted
Laser Illumination

405nm Laser Diode
Argon Ion: 457nm, 488nm, 514nm
543nm Laser Diode
633nm Laser Diode

Optical Platform: AxioObserver Z1


10x/0.30 NA WD=5.20
20x/0.80 NA WD=0.55
40x/0.75 NA WD=0.71
40x/1.30 NA WD=0.21
60x/1.40 NA WD=0.19
40x/1.1 Water Corrected WD=0.62

DIC on all objectives
X-Cite 120 PC Epi-Fluorescence Illumination
100 W Halogen Illuminator

Olympus FV500 Laser Scanning Confocal System

Four channel fluorescence and one transmitted
Laser Illumination

405nm Laser Diode
Argon Ion: 457nm, 488nm, 514nm
Green He/Ne: 543.5nm
Red He/Ne: 633nm

Optical Platform: Olympus IX-81


10x /0.2 NA
20x /0.70NA
40x /0.75NA
40x /1.30NA
60x / 1.40NA
100x / 1.40NA

X-Cite 100 Epi-Fluorescence Illumination
100 W Halogen Illuminator

Olympus IX-81 Deconvolution


10x /0.2 NA
20x /0.70 NA
40x /1.30 NA
60x /1.40 NA
100x /1.40 NA

Epi-Fluorescence Illumination
Photometric HQ cooled CCD camera
SlideBook Deconvolution software
Dual AMD2400 PC with 4GB RAM

Arcturus XT-TI LCM Laser Capture Microdissection System

IR capture Laser (810nm)
UV cutting Laser (355nm)
Nikon Eclipse-Ti-E Microscope Base:

Objectives: 2X, 4X, 10X, 20x, 40X, 60X, 100x objectives
Bright-field, Phase contrast, DIC
Epi-Fluoresence: UV, Blue, Green, and Red

2560 x 1920; 5 MP, progressive scan interline color CCD

Olympus AX-70 Wide-field Multi-mode Microscope

Imaging Modes for both transmitted and reflected light: Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, DIC, Polarized light, and epi-fluorescence
Lenses: 2x /0.1NA, 4x /-, 10x /0.2NA, 20x /0.70NA, 40x /0.85NA, 60x /1.4NA, 100x /1.35NA (Iris)
Illumination: 100 w Halogen, X-cite 120 LED lamp
Image Recording:

Roper 4k cooled CCD(2048 x 2048 x 12-bit)
Nikon D300 dSLR 12 MP RGB
Nikon D50 sSLR 6 MP RGB
35mm film camera
Javelin CCD video camera
Digital Capture Interface

Olympus BX-61 Wide-field Materials Light Microscope

Imaging Modes for both transmitted and reflected light: Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC, Polarized light, and epi-fluorescence
Lenses: 2x /0.1NA, 4x /-, 10x /0.25NA, 20x /0.40NA, 50x /0.75NA, 100x /0.9NA
Illumination: 100 w Halogen, 105 w Hg lamp
Image Recording:

Nikon D300 dSLR 12 MegaPixel RGB

Olympus SZX-12 Stereoscope System

Imaging Modes: Brightfield, Darkfield, Epi-Fluorescent, Oblique Illumination
Lenses: 0.5x and 1.4x
Magnification Range:
Illumination: Trans-illumination, fiberoptic epi-illumination, Oblique illumination, Polarized illumination
Image Recording:

Nikon D300 dSLR 12 MP RGB
SONY CCD camera
Digital Capture Interface

CAMI Equipment Reservation Scheduler

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