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Miami Ecological Big Data Initiative

The Miami Ecological Big Data Initiative (MiEBDI) in the College of Arts and Science facilitates student and faculty access to and analysis of ecological "big data" from around the world to address critical threats to ecosystems and the valuable services that they provide.

About the Initiative

Two emerging frontiers in ecology and environmental science are:

  • increased use of automated, advanced sensors that collect high-frequency data
  • regional- to global-scale networking of large environmental data sets through ecological observatory networks (EONS)

Macrosystem to global scale environmental change has made the use of advanced sensors and large datasets imperative to address the grand challenges in ecology. MiEBDI provides students and faculty a framework to facilitate research with these advanced sensors and large datasets through data management workshops and providing connections to ecological big data resources. In addition to Miami's own large ecological datasets, researchers are able to access many shared datasets, and share their own data to become part of the many rapidly growing data sharing networks.

For more information on accessing and managing ecological big data at Miami University contact:

Beth Mette


Miami has a wide variety of data management resources, and Miami researchers make use of a variety of long-term databases to manage their ecological data

Student Opportunities

Miami students are working on diverse projects using ecological big data. This work can involve high-frequency sensor data, long-term field sampling data, and GIS data, as a few examples.

Miami Ecological Big Data Initiative

Beth Mette