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Professional Services and Mental Health Network

Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success

Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success (OMHNSS)

The Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success (OMHNSS) helps Ohio's schools, community agencies and families work together by providing Ohio-wide:

  • Promotions
  • Evaluation
  • Technical Assistance
  • Training
  • Webinars
  • Information Briefs

Through Project AWARE Ohio efforts, the Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success and the Center for School Based Mental Health Programs at Miami University are promoting best practice resources that support positive mental wellness in developing overall health. One example of this partnership can be seen through the Ohio's Stay-at-Home Wellness Kit for Parents.

Screening Instruments

The first resource is a compendium of 50 no-cost, freely accessible mental health, social-emotional, and behavioral screening instruments for use with children and adolescents. This compendium includes a comparison chart of the screening tools, along with further details for each instrument, and an index for identifying screeners for a particular problem or disorder.

The Mental Health, Social-Emotional, and Behavioral Screening and Evaluation Compendium is available on the Project AWARE Ohio Statewide Resources web page (Ohio Department of Education).

Information Briefs

The OMHNSS Information Briefs contain the newest research topics such as Trauma Informed Schools, School-Based Mindfulness Interventions, or Collaborations Between School and Home, to name a few. See Oberlink Consulting Resources.

School and Community Agencies

The School and Community Continuum of Services is a mapping resource that identifies school and community agencies and links. The map provides county level access to coordinated safe and supportive school-based services. This web-based product provides information about each of the multi-tiered levels of prevention, intervention, and treatment services in local agencies.

Strategies and Programs

The Quality and Effective Practice (QEP) Registry is a listing of successful strategies and programs across Ohio that achieve positive outcomes related to academic and social-emotional needs of students. This registry highlights schools and school-mental health partnerships that are demonstrating effective implementation of a program or strategy that is successfully addressing academic and/or social-emotional needs of students in their community.

Adult Training

Through the Project AWARE Ohio initiative and partnerships, Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) classes are being offered to adults who work with and/or live with adolescents age 12-18. In the class, you will learn to:

  1. Identify the risk factors and warning signs of mental health concerns.
  2. Obtain information on depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, and substance use.
  3. Learn a 5-step action plan to help an adolescent with mental health concerns or experiencing a crisis.
  4. Identify resources and supports available locally to assist youth in overcoming these challenges.

For more information about YMHFA class hosting and other connections in your region, please contact:

Kathleen Oberlin (
Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success
Dr. Cricket Meehan (
Center for School Based Mental Health Programs, Miami University

Ohio's Training Network for School Success

  • a compilation of evidence and research informed prevention training courses
  • These prevention courses will help meet the professional development requirements for
    any Ohio school.
  • Topics address youth mental health, suicide prevention, youth leadership, classroom
    discipline, school safety, school clubs, actively caring, trauma practices, threat
    assessment policies, cyberbullying, partnerships & collaborations, data driven processes,
    and referral pathways.
  • coordination services to help you plan your training event
  • a "one-stop-shop' to access the right match for your school needs

For more information contact:

Kathleen Oberlin (
Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success

OMHNSS Contact Information

The Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success (OMHNSS) is comprised of 6 Regional Affiliates throughout Ohio. Each Regional Affiliate facilitates round tables to cross share and network, promote research and evidenced based programs, and present regional topics of interest. Feel free to contact the Affiliate in your region to be placed on our listserv and find out more information about scheduled round tables.

OMHNSS Director

Kathleen M. Oberlin
(YMHFA and Network Coordination)

Central Ohio Regional Affiliate

Kay Rietz
Mental Health Consultant
Columbus, Ohio

South West Regional Affiliate

Erin Paternite Eakin
Center for School Based Mental Health Programs
Miami University
Oxford, Ohio

Ohio School-Based Center of Excellence for Prevention and Early Intervention

Dawna-Cricket-Martita Meehan, Ph.D., Director
90 North Patterson Avenue
Oxford, OH 45056