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Miami University Henry Pre-Law Center

Maria Vitullo, Esq. [Director, Pre-Law Program, Miami University]: Students who want to go to law school, they will need to take the Law School Admission TestThis is something the students typically prepare for in the spring of their junior year and something that we're really proud to be able to offer here at Miami is an in-house LSAT prep course.

Julia Pair [3rd Year, Social Justice Major]: This class has definitely taught me all the techniques I need to tackle the problems and it's just kinda given me a general overview of kinda what the test is.

Maria Vitullo: We have an instructor Jennifer Patterson who has experience teaching a professional commercial prep course for the LSAT and so she is a Miami grad herself and was thrilled to come back to give back to the Miami community.

Jennifer Patterson, Esq. [LSAT Instructor]: The course is designed to be an intensive preparation for the LSAT. Typically we start it in February. It runs through March and April and sometimes into early May depending on schedules and it's designed to get students ready for the June LSAT test.

Sheena Sangal [4th Year, Finance Major]: And so I stayed after our class one day specifically to talk to her and not only did she really help me like crack the logic exams but she stayed with me for about two hours just discussing careers in law, her experiences at the University of Cincinnati, and her current experience as a lawyer and what her friends are doing.

Jennifer Patterson: We see scores increase anywhere from 5 to 6 points to - some students see tremendous jumps in the 10 to 12 point range. It really depends a lot on the strengths of the student, the amount of time that they have put into studying, and their really desire to put the effort in.

Addison Caruso [3rd Year Political Science Major]: This class has been above and beyond helpful for me with the logic games especially. Coming into it I didn't really know what to do, but how she describes breaking it down and how she talks about it in the class is helpful and now logic games is one of my strongest sections actually.

Jennifer Patterson: That's what we are here for. We're here to help them get where they ultimately want to go, and that's typically law school.

[February 2018]