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Western College Legacy

Western College for Women, a private liberal arts institution began as the Western Female Seminary in Oxford, Ohio in 1853. The Seminary was modeled after Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in Massachusetts. Western gained college status in 1893 and educated generations of young women until 1974 when it was forced to close due to financial difficulties. The property became part of Miami University.

Western College Alumnae Association

The Western College Alumnae Association, Inc. was established in 1974 and administers the business of the Alumnae Association. While the original college no longer exists, the devotion, loyalty and enthusiasm of its alumnae, faculty and friends are evidence of the quality and excellence of a Western College education throughout its 121-year history. They have kept the spirit and essence of Western College alive through a myriad of educational and cultural programs and multiple Funds. The Association has been very lively, and in 2024 will celebrate its 50th Anniversary.
Sidewalk that leads to Patterson Place

Patterson Place

Western College Legacy Seminars

The desired outcome for the Western College Legacy Seminars is to provide a forum for Miami University faculty, students, and the community at large to learn and debate topics critical to the health, well-being and development of the global community. 

The Western College Alumnae Association, Inc. is excited to provide this series so that these topics can be discussed utilizing national and international experts in an environment that promotes discourse not denial, understanding not separation, and respect not animosity. 

Seminars bring speakers on the Western Center's current biennial theme.

The Western College Legacy Circle serves as a permanent reminder of the college's contributions to Miami University.

Western College Legacy Circle

Serves as a permanent reminder of the college's contributions to Miami University.
Billy Simms and Jacque Daugherty outside of Peabody Hall, location of the Western Center
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Director, Western Center

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Coordinator, Western Center