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Combined BA+MA in History

The Department of History offers a combined BA+MA program that provides undergraduate training leading to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and graduate training leading to a Master of Arts (MA) degree on an accelerated schedule.

BA+MA students complete all the requirements for the MA degree with an additional year of study after completion of the BA. This description covers only the aspects of the program that differ from the regular MA program.

All Miami University History majors are eligible to apply for the BA+MA program. In the recommended sequence, History honors students intending to enter the combined BA+MA program in History apply for admission in the spring before their final undergraduate year with approximately 120 credits completed, and plan their last two undergraduate semesters to include the final two courses of the History honors sequence plus the normal sequence of first-year courses in the MA program. Sequences without admission to the honors program are possible.

Students may seek permission to count up to 9 graduate credit hours earned in MA History courses toward the BA in History. Courses considered for double-counting must be content-based, such as HST 670 Graduate Colloquium; consult the DGS on double-counting credits. Students considering the BA+MA program should consult the History DGS and the lead departmental advisor as early as possible to develop an appropriate plan of study as an undergraduate History major. See the BA+MA Program Worksheet for a typical sequence of coursework.

Admission Requirements

The History Department recommends that students begin the BA+MA sequence having completed about 120 credits (a minimum of 116) by the beginning of the fall semester of the final undergraduate year. Students applying to the BA+MA program in History are expected to have a cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher, with a GPA of 3.75 or higher in the History major.

The GSC bases admission decisions on academic performance as well as on the quality of a two- to three-page personal statement about the field of interest and career objectives; an academic writing sample of 10 to 20 pages, preferably on a historical topic; and three letters of recommendation, preferably from history faculty.

Application Procedures

Applications are due by the Monday of the second to last week of classes in the spring semester. To apply to the combined BA/MA program, visit the Graduate School website to complete the online application and pay the application fee. Be sure to check "combined program."

Student Classification and Graduation

Students in a combined program will remain as undergraduates until they apply for graduation or submit a request to the Graduate School to have their classification changed from undergraduate to graduate. Students must have completed a minimum of 128 hours to be classified as a graduate student (note: this change in classification will affect eligibility for financial aid). Students may receive their bachelor's degree prior to completing their master's degree. Upon receiving the bachelor's degree, students will automatically be classified as graduate students.

Students receiving the bachelor's degree prior to completing the master's degree can count up to 9 credit hours of graduate course work toward both their bachelor's degree and their master's degree, with permission of the appropriate advisor(s) and dean(s) or their designee(s).

A minimum of 156 semester hours is required for the combined program in History: 120 hours minimum for the bachelor's degree and 36 hours minimum for the master's degree.

Regular time limits for completing the master's degree apply to students in a combined program.

For more information, see the Miami University Graduate School Handbook.