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REU Program

Miami University is well-known nationally for its dedication to undergraduate education. The Department of Physics, together with some Engineering faculty, were offering an NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduate students (REU) program during the summer, dependent on continued funding.

Physics and Engineering REU Program Outline FAQs

The REU program has been cancelled for summer 2024 due to lack of funding. Check back in the winter to apply for the summer 2025 program.

When will the program run?

The REU program will be offered for a ten-week period during the summer of 2025 and has been cancelled for summer 2024 due to lack of funding. Check back in the winter to apply for the summer 2025 program.

Participants should plan to spend the entire time at Miami University. This is a full-time program, i.e., there is no “extra time” for activities such as employment, or taking summer classes. You must be able to commit to the full ten weeks of the program. If you cannot do that (e.g. your college semester ends after May 30), then you will not be admitted.

Regular activities are scheduled Monday through Fridays, acknowledgement of Memorial Day and Independence Day will be off. While some recreational and social activities will take place on weekends, most weekends will be off.

What will you do?

You will be assigned to work on a  project as part of a research group  based on your preferences and available faculty mentors. Research groups may consist of one or more undergraduate or graduate students under the direction of a faculty mentor from Miami’s Department of Physics or one of the engineering departments. In addition to working on research projects, the students of the REU program will participate in professional development activities, as well as social activities. REU students will also have access to recreational facilities on campus, such as the Recreation Center and the Goggin Ice Center for a fee.

Where do you stay?

All REU students will be housed in a residence hall on the Miami Oxford campus, generally in double rooms. Meals are not included, but you will receive a food allowance of $15/day that can be used in a number of dining halls on campus. There are also several restaurants within walking distance of campus. There is also an allowance for use of the laundry facilities in the residence hall.

How will you get paid?

Participants will receive a $5,000 stipend for the entire 10-week period, paid on a regular schedule. Arrangements for travel cost reimbursement to Oxford in May and return to your home in August will be made once you have accepted the offer to participate in the REU. In addition you will get a $750 allowance for consumables and lab supplies to use on your research project. During the year after the REU you may have the opportunity of getting travel support from the REU in order to present your result at a national or regional conference. Details will be explained before you leave the REU.

Are you eligible to apply?

In order to participate in this REU you must be an undergraduate student majoring in physics or a closely related field and have completed at least a full year of introductory college-level physics by the time the REU begins. The program is open to US citizens and to US permanent residents.

What is the application timeline?

The deadline for completing the application will be in February 2025. Both of your recommendation letters also must be received by that date. Offers will be sent out within one or two weeks of the application deadline. Once you have received an offer, you will have one week to accept or decline the offer. Once an offer has been declined, another student will receive an offer until all spots are filled.