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Prospective Academic Calendars 2023–2027

The Physician Associate and Biomedical Medical Studies M.MSc. programs at Miami University follow a distinct academic calendar that diverges from the university's standard schedule. Variances are observed in the coverage of holidays, with not all being included in these programs' calendars. Additionally, the programs feature unique fall, spring, and winter breaks that differ from the regular university calendar. Procedures related to course enrollment adjustments, such as drop, add, and refunding of course fees, also exhibit variations in comparison to the university's general policies. For more detailed information, individuals are encouraged to contact the respective department through email at


Term Dates
Fall Aug 21-Dec 15
(Break Dec 16-Jan 7)


Term Dates
Winter Jan 8-May 10
(Break May 13-17)
Summer May 20-Aug 16
(Break Aug 19-23)
Fall August 26-Dec 13
(Break Dec 16-Jan 3)


Term Dates
Winter Jan 6-May 9
(Break May 12-16)
Summer May 19-Aug 15
(Break Aug 18-22)
Fall Aug 25-Dec 12
(Break Dec 15-Jan 2)


Term Dates
Winter Jan 5-May 8
(Break May 11-15)
Summer May 18-Aug 14
(Break Aug 17-21)
Fall Aug 24-Dec 11
(Break Dec 14-Jan 1)


Term Dates
Winter Jan 4-May 7
(Break May 8-16)
Summer May 17-Aug 13
(Break Aug 16-20)
Fall August 23-Dec 10
(Break Dec 13-Jan 3)

Physician Associate Studies

Miami University’s Physician Associate Studies program is designed to develop generalist, family medicine clinicians who can provide service to predominantly rural, underserved communities. It is housed in the brand-new, state-of-the-art Clinical Health Science and Wellness Center on the Oxford campus.

Contact Us

Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness Building
2101 Leadership Suite
421 S. Campus Avenue

Oxford, OH 45056



The ARC-PA has granted Accreditation-Provisional status to the Miami University, Master of Medical Science in Physician Associate Studies Program sponsored by Miami University - Oxford.