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Statistics, Master of Science

Our Master of Science in Statistics program is designed to give students a solid foundation in applied and theoretical statistics, enabling them to prepare for careers as statisticians in industry, business, or teaching or for subsequent doctoral study. Special features of the program include the opportunity to participate in data analysis projects and to combine coursework in Statistics with study in related fields.

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Degree and Course Information

  • Total Hours: 32 hours
  • Qualifying exam covers: 563, 566, 664, and 665
  • Comprehensive exam consists: oral master project presentation and written master project report.
  • GPA:3.00 GPA overall and in all MTH and STA courses except those which can not count toward the degree.

Required Courses

Admission Requirements and Information

  • Undergraduate degree with at least a 3.00 (of 4.00) grade point average.
  • At a minimum, the student should have strong performance in three semesters of calculus, one semester of linear algebra, and a probability / mathematical statistics course. (Note that we do not require that the undergraduate degree be in statistics or mathematics.)

Students typically enter the program in the fall semester. The application deadline for fall admission is February 1.

Spring admission is only granted in very rare circumstances for students having unusually strong prior course backgrounds, and assistantship funding is generally unavailable for these students.  If you wish to apply for spring admission, please contact the graduate director for advice before submitting an application.

Graduate Admission Information

Contact: Seonjin Kim, Graduate Director,, 305A Upham Hall, 513, 529-2175

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Learning Outcomes

The three learning outcomes for the M.S. Statistics degree are:

Students shall be able to analyze and interpret data from real-world problems critically using programming skills and a broad range of statistical models and methods.

Students shall demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical basis and theoretical foundations of statistics.

Students shall be able to effectively and independently communicate, both orally and in written form, the results of statistical analyses.


The Department of Statisitcs offers graduate assistantships to a number of its students each year on a competitive basis. Full and half appointments are offered, with assigned duties either on or off campus. Recently, some of our graduate assistantships have been funded externally. Students in these positions spend two days per week off campus performing specialized work for the funding agency.

Assistantship Duties

Most of our graduate assistants are assigned duties on campus.  These students may:

  • assist in one or more statistics classes by some combination of the following: grading, holding office hours, providing help sessions, leading small group sections, or otherwise assisting a professor,
  • assist with projects in the Statistical Consulting Center, or
  • work in some other capacity, e.g., as a research assistant.

Appointment Levels

Full assistantships require 16-20 hours of work per week.  In return, the student receives a 100% tuition waiver and a stipend for living expenses.  Half assistantships require 8-10 hours of work per week and provide a 50% tuition waiver and half stipend. In addition, all graduate assistants receive a 100% out-of-state surcharge waiver.

Graduate Students with Assistantships

Eric Ansong - - UPH 321

Joesph Davis - - UPH 321

Sally Dufek - - UPH 319

Cole Falco -  - UPH 321

Colton Gearhart - - UPH 319

Brant Imhoff - - UPH 317

Yunzhi Kong - - UPH 317

Zhiyuan Li - - UPH 317

Sooyeong Lim - - UPH 317

Xinqi Liu - - UPH 317

Xinyuan Liu - - UPH 317

Mark Miller - - UPH 319

Matthew Misterka - - UPH 319

Xuyi Pei - - UPH 321

Kaitlyn Sullivan -  - UPH 321

Bunyodjon Tusmatov -  - UPH 317

Kunyao (Richard) Xu - - UPH 317

Bunyodjon Tusmatov - - UPH 302

Xin Zhi - - UPH 319

Weishen Zou - - UPH 317

Department of Statistics

311 Upham Hall
100 Bishop Circle
Oxford, OH 45056