Cage Gallery

Beneath a striped glass floor, people's feet can be seen
A graffitti wall behind a tabletop rendering of a map of London
 Visitors mill around a tabletop rendering of a map of London
A crowd of people view a London exhibit in Cage Gallery
 Students and faculty in Cage during ARC 636 reviews
A woman is seen on the other side of chain link as she presents an exhibit
A wall of Cage Gallery displaying models and posters

The Cage Gallery, located in the lower level of Alumni Hall, provides ongoing exhibits of professional as well as student work within Architecture + Interior Design.

Fall 2019 Exhibition Schedule

miami students posing in front of a geometric metallic looking sculpture in front of a buildingLondon 2019 : Energy Efficiency By Design

September 22-October 12

Confronted with the emergent needs of a sustainable society allowing for increasing populations and shrinking resources, urban centers such as London, have discovered new methodologies to cultivate energy-efficient growth within a de-industrialized and technologically innovative urban economy. The broad objective of the London 2019 Studio was to establish a comprehensive and integrative framework where a range of energy-efficient design and building science issues can be engaged through the design of a mixed-use project in the Spitalfields neighborhood of Central London.

buildings with a sidewalk running through the bottom of themMarvel Architects: Building in the City-City in the Building

October 21-November 2

How interaction in streets, sidewalks and public spaces can influence how we design our living, working and playing environments.  The structures that define an urban space are also a way to understand the social structure within an individual building.  Working between the scale of the city and the interior we look for ways for each to inform the other.