Graduate Studies

The Department of Emerging Technology in Business and Design offers a varied, expanding menu of graduate studies.  The Department offers three programs in conjunction with other academic units:

Also, the Department offers two graduate certificate programs: 

Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology

The certificate program addresses the needs of the emerging, twenty-first century economy, by developing technology-driven entrepreneurial expertise for tech startups. Miami University's undergraduate programs in Emerging Technology and in Entrepreneurship have developed strong reputations; Princeton Review ranks both programs in the Top 20 in their respective areas.

The certificate is designed for the college graduate who does not hold a degree in either entrepreneurship or emerging technology but who seeks to enter the world of technology startups. The certificate complements virtually any other area of expertise, creating an aggregate skill set that would prove most attractive to prospective employers.

The certificate requires 12 credit hours:

Entrepreneurship: select two of the following courses.
 ESP 544 Entrepreneurship: Venture Capital Immersion (3 credit hours)
 ESP 651 Creativity, Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mindset (3)

Emerging technology: select two of the following courses.
 IMS 513 Usability and Digital Media Design (3)
 IMS 519 Digital Branding (3)
 IMS 617 Interactive Web Programming (3)
 IMS 585 Technology Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (3)
 IMS 591 Tech Startup Bootcamp)
  or IMS 592 Startup Development Bootcamp)
  or IMS 593 Startup Design Bootcamp (3)

Total: 12 credit hours

Graduate Certificate in Esports Management

With its pioneering Graduate Certificate in Esports Management Miami University responds to the multi-billion-dollar esports industry. The certificate program builds upon Miami's renowned games program and its leadership role in creating varsity esports in the United States.

Normal time to complete the certificate is one academic year, with most coursework delivered online. Typically:

  • Fall semester: Introduces fundamental concepts in esports, broadcasting, and events.
  • Winter term: On campus; an ecosystem class led by an industry expert and a bootcamp in which students help manage the largest esports tournament in the midwestern United States.
  • Spring semester: The business of esports, promotion, and team management.

The certificate is the first academic program offered on Twitch. 15 credit hours are required, as follows.

IMS 570 Introduction to Esports (2 credit hours)
IMS 571 Esports Broadcasting (2)
IMS 572 Esports Event Management (2)
IMS 573 The Business of Esports (2)
IMS 574 Special Topics in Esports (2)
IMS 575 Esports Brand Management (2)
IMS 576 Esports Event Practicum (2)
IMS 578 Esports Ecosystems (1)

Total: 15 credit hours