Seen at a distance through a pair of whiteboard doors, AIMS students collaborate on client projects

ETBD Major or Minor

Incoming Students

  • Incoming first-year students do not need to complete a separate application. If you are accepted into Miami, you are accepted into your major or minor.

    However, we ask that you formally declare ETBD before you come in; otherwise, you will not be able to add classes or receive any advising from our staff.

Current Miami Students

All presently enrolled Miami student applicants must complete both of the application process requirements listed below.

All current Miami applicants MUST have a GPA at/above 3.0*

  • *First year, first semester, students do not have a GPA requirement

Complete both of the following steps, in order:

  1. Create a website that conveys
    -Who you are
    -Why you want to study Interactive Media Studies
    -What interests you most about Digital and Emerging Technology

    We understand that you may not have ever been taught how to make a website. That’s OK. We are not evaluating technical skill. The website does not need to be complex or even more than a single page, if you want; it just needs to speak to these three issues.

    There are a lot of different ways you could do this; you can figure it out. Just don’t plagiarize.

    Once you have made the website, make a note of the URL for it. You will need it for the second step in the application process.

    Note: The admissions committee will not consider your application unless they can access your website using the URL you submit. So, double check to make sure it is valid and works on at least a different computer or a device such as a smartphone or iPad.
  2. Complete the application form:

    Apply to Emerging Technology in Business + Design programs

Games + Simulation Major and Minor

Space in the program is limited, so admission is competitive.  Acceptance is based on a number of criteria beyond GPA. 

  • Any student applying to the Games + Simulation major or minor must submit the Games + Simulation application form (click the big red link below).
  • A student applying to Miami University intending to major in Games + Simulation should designate Games + Simulationas the major in their University application materials.  A minor is declared only after a student is admitted to the University and enrolls for classes.
  • A current Miami student beyond the first semester must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to apply to either the major or minor in Games + Simulation.  (A students in the first semester has no GPA and so is exempt from the GPA requirement.)

A student will be notified of the status of an application within 30 days of submission.

Games + Simulation Major with a Focus on Game Art

A student intending to pursue the Game Art Focus of the Games + Simulation major should submit 9 to 12 examples of original pieces.  These can be attached to the Games + Simulation application after selecting the Focus on Game Art at the bottom.

A student applying to the games minor does not need to submit art.

Apply to the Games + Simulation Major or Minor

Digital Marketing Minor

A student applying to the Digital Marketing Minor must submit an application.  Admission to the minor is competitive.

Apply to the Digital Marketing Minor