A student teacher leads her class in a percussion performance

Master of Music in Music Education

The Master of Music in Music Education program features a rigorous core of coursework in research, music history, and music theory. The music education core emphasizes research problems and current pedagogical practices. Candidates pursue refined skills in conducting and performance and are required to complete a research project and comprehensive oral examination.

A complete description of the program can be found in Miami's General Bulletin.

To be admitted to the degree program, students must be admitted to Miami University's Graduate School and to the Department of Music.

  • 5-week summer sessions (mid-June through mid-July). Usually the core coursework is completed during three summers. Completion of the graduation project or electives may require more than three summers. Contact the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Music for more information.
  • Regular academic year (August through May). This two-year program is limited to a small number of students. Contact the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Music for more information.