BA Program Requirements

Students follow the course requirements listed in the edition of the General Bulletin issued the year they started started at Miami. Students may petition to move to any later catalog year.

All majors will complete the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education, and must earn 124 credit hours to graduate.

The listing here represents the most CURRENT requirements of the BA in Theatre.

Course descriptions may also be found in the most current General Bulletin.

Please note that courses listed in more than one category may be used to fulfill only ONE requirement.

Theatre Core

Take all of these courses (21 semester hours):

THE 101 Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis (3)*

THE 107 The Theatre Major: an Introduction to Theatre Resources and Skills (1)

THE 131 Principles of Acting (3)

THE 142 Theatre Organization and Communication (1)

THE 251 Visual Communication for the Theatre (3)

THE 291 World Stages and Performances I (3)

THE 292 World Stages and Performances II (3)

THE 301 Professional Practice in Theatre (1)

THE 421 Fundamentals of Directing (3)

THE 422 Politics and Ethics of Theatre & Performance (3)

* Global Miami Plan Foundation course

Theatre Technology Elective

Choose three (3) hours from these courses:

THE 253 Costume Fundamentals (3) or

THE 257 Stagecraft and Theatre Technologies (3) or

THE 258 Scene Painting Fundamentals (3)

Theatre Skills Electives

Choose nine hours from these courses:

THE 151 Stage Makeup (1)

THE 210 The Theatrical Toolbox (1-2)

THE 226 Acting Studio: Foundations (4)

THE 227 Acting Studio: Integrating Text (4)

THE 238 Playwriting Through Improvisation Techniques (3-4; maximum 4)

THE 253 Costume Fundamentals (3)

THE 257 Stagecraft and Theatre Technologies (3)

THE 258 Scene Painting Fundamentals (3)

THE 314 Playwriting (4)

THE 340 Internship (1-3)

THE 342 Stage Management (2)

THE 352 Scenic Design (3)

THE 353 Costume Design (3)

THE 354 Lighting Design (3)

THE 416 Dramaturgy (3)

THE 418 Playwriting (3)

THE 432 Acting Shakespeare (3)

THE 437 Auditions (3)

THE 439 Special Techniques for the Actor (3; maximum 6)

THE 441 Methods and Styles of Play Directing (3)

THE 450 Special Topics in Theatre Design and Technology (3)

THE 455 Tutorial in Advanced Problems (1-6)

Theatre Studies Electives

Choose three hours from these courses:

THE 393 Topics in Intercultural Perspectives and Global Theatre & Performance (3)

THE 394 Topics in Dramatic Literature and Cultural Performance (3)

THE 395 The Musical in American Culture (3)

THE 398 London Theatre (3)

THE 423 Topics in Theatre and Performance Studies (3)

THE 424 Topics in Applied Theatre, Practice and Pedagogy (3)

Production Practicum

Complete six experiences of production practicum. This involves working on actual productions.

THE 200 Production and Performance Practicum (1; maximum 8)

THE 400 Advanced Production and Performance Practicum (2; maximum 4)

Students are free to take as many of the courses they wish beyond the requirements for the major. They will count towards the required 124 hours needed to graduate.