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Please refer to the Miami University Course List for the most current Sprint classes offered during the Academic year.

Beginning Printmaking, ART 125

This seven-week Sprint Course introduces beginning students to the basics of hand printmaking. Coursework covers carving and printing woodblock as well as monotype techniques. Learn the use of printmaking tools and materials as well as designing images for printmaking.

Lasercutting and Digital Design for Everyday Use, ART 130

This course is an introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) processes and lasercutting for non-designers focusing on the techniques involved in the rapidly developing fabrication industry. By using digital fabrication tools and techniques, outcomes will focus on the creation of objects for practical application and everyday use.

3D Printing and Digital Fabrication for Everyday Use, ART 131

This course focuses on learning techniques and design processes using 3D printers and associated computer software. Students will create unique design objects for practical purposes and their personal, everyday use. Emphasis is placed on the techniques involved in the rapidly developing fabrication industry focusing on the modeling and creation of three-dimensional forms

Beginning Glass Beading, ART 140

A basic course providing foundation exercises and instruction in various glass techniques such as hot glass process, torch work, and beadmaking techniques. Lab and material fee.

Beginning Digital Photography, ART 149

This course is an introduction to the basic principles of digital photography. Students will learn the basics of photographing digitally including camera controls, image file and format type. The class will also introduce basic image correction using image editing software such as Adobe photoshop or Photoshop Elements and printing methods using high quality digital inkjet printers. Lab and material fee.

Beginning Drawing, ART 155

Basic drawing instruction for non-art majors. Still-life will be the theme used to explore line, value, media, and composition. Lab and material fee

Beginning Ceramics, ART 160

Students will learn wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques, gain an understanding of the stages of clay, carry pieces to the final stages through decoration with slips and/or glazes and firing. Lab and material fee.

Beginning Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, ART 165

Students will be introduced to basic techniques of metal cutting, soldering, polishing, roller printing, riveting, detailing, and finishing. Lab and material fee.

Basic Woodworking, ART 170

Introduction to working wood with hand and power tools. Emphasis on proper and safe use of tools. Small projects, usually a boxlike piece will be built. Design, lumber selection and finishing will also be covered.
Lab and material fee.

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