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Excellence and Expertise

Alumni Spotlight: Grayson Myers ‘20

Former Music Education major finds success at OMEA

Excellence and Expertise

Alumni Spotlight: Grayson Myers ‘20

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Grayson Myers, a dedicated music educator and Miami University graduate, as well as the rest of the Milford Band staff, recently led the Milford 8th Grade Band to a remarkable performance at the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) Professional Development Conference (PDC) held in Columbus. Myers, who is finishing his fourth year of teaching in Ohio, described the experience as a privilege and a significant learning opportunity for both himself and his students.

The journey to the OMEA PDC began a year ago with initial application recordings and culminated in a performance in front of mentors, colleagues, and peers. Despite the challenges, Myers, the Milford Band staff, and his students rose to the occasion, mastering six diverse and demanding pieces to perform over the course of an hour—an impressive feat for middle school musicians.

Reflecting on the experience, Myers expressed gratitude for the fulfillment it brought to both the staff and students. "Conducting in front of so many mentors, colleagues, and peers was a bit intimidating, but growing through performance is something special about music education that the OMEA PDC really does well," Myers said.

Following the conference, Myers decided to conclude the school year with some tunes recommended by his students, fostering a sense of collaboration and ownership within the band.

In addition to his teaching duties, Myers and his wife, Lydia, who is also a Miami University Music Education graduate, continue to pursue their passion for music performance. Both have been active members of various ensembles, including the Springboro Wind Symphony and the Cincinnati Wind Band, the latter of which performed at a previous OMEA PDC.

Lydia Myers currently serves as the Assistant Band Director at West Clermont in Cincinnati, further exemplifying the couple's dedication to music education and their commitment to enriching the lives of students through music.

Grayson Myers' leadership and the achievements of the Milford 8th Grade Band serve as a testament to the power of music education in shaping young minds and fostering artistic excellence.