CEC-IT Policies and Procedures


Production CEC servers are backed up nightly.
Open files cannot be reliably backed up—close all files and log off at the end of your workday!
Files on the desktop computer are not backed up and cannot be easily restored, so store data on local fixed disk at your own risk.
A deleted file can be restored for up to 30 days after deletion, but is then purged.
Only two revisions of each file are saved, so if you make a change and then need a restore, please let us know as soon as possible.
Data is not periodically archived automatically, so if you would assistance archiving your data, please contact CEC-IT.

Home Systems

The first priority of CEC-IT is to ensure the proper operation of desktop systems owned by CEC. Although we try to answer questions about home systems, often these systems use operating systems on which we have not been trained, so we cannot answer authoritatively. CEC-IT is unable work on home systems.


Accounts for login to our desktop and network are automatically created by IT Services automated processes when the Personnel department authorizes. We are generally unable to accelerate the process, but can request temporary accounts when urgency requires. Faculty personnel appear to be processed in batches, so there may be delay after completion of all paperwork before faculty accounts are available. To check to see if an account has been created, please check Miami's Directory Services.


MUnet passwords are maintained by IT Services and can only be reset by the Support Desk. You will need to visit them in person with a photoID to have your password reset. Please choose a secure password, of at least 6 characters. Passwords should be easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess. Passwords can be changed here. Passwords for systems that do not use the MUnet password must be reset by CEC-IT staff, so please contact us if you are unsure. A good recommendation for selecting a password is to choose the letter of each word of a song or phrase.


Numerous steps are taken to ensure the security of data on our network, but any system should be considered able to be compromised. Our servers are physically secured in Benton 016B and no student has been assigned a key that will allow entry. Student employees are granted additional access to our support servers, but do not have access to staff and faculty data unless faculty and staff grant them access or authorize us to grant the access.

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