Standing Committees


An important resource for the Chemical and Paper Engineering Department regarding industry needs and preparation of undergraduates for assuming productive roles in the paper industry. The committee maintains a close relationship with Department Chair and other appropriate members of faculty, staff, and University personnel.


Responsible for audits of the Foundation's business processes. Report of yearly audits along with committee's comments and recommended actions, are presented to Executive Committee.


Identifies the need for adequate endowment funds to support scholarship expenses. Critical functions Include organizing endowment fundraising efforts, naming of endowments, and requirements for awarding scholarships from endowments.

Enrollment and Scholarship

Assists Department and University in maintaining satisfactory enrollment in the paper curriculum. Recommends academic standards for scholarship eligibility and amounts.


Responsible for governance of the Foundation and the status of its relationships with the University. Meets as necessary to review committee actions and provide guidance as needed. Positions by appointment only.


Annually reviews the adequacy of equipment in the CPB Department and arranges to publicize specific needs; puts forth efforts to secure gifts of needed equipment or funding to purchase it.


Submits annual budget recommendations to Executive Committee and Board of Trustees; oversees financial affairs of the Foundation.


Responsible for maintaining adequate levels of corporate and individual memberships. Organizes and conducts annual corporate membership campaign; encourages and supports Alumni Council with its annual campaign. Also responsible for recommending suggested membership contribution level changes to the Board, if needed.


Nominates or re-nominates the class of Trustees whose terms expire at the annual General Membership Meeting; makes nominations to fill vacancies; nominates or re-nominates slate of officers and Executive Director at the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees.


Responsible for disseminating information about accomplishments, goals, and needs of the Foundation and, directly or indirectly, about the Chemical & Paper Engineering Department and its alumni.