Academic Advising

See your CPB academic advisor if you have questions about degree requirements, course selection, new or special topics courses, research opportunities, study abroad programs, graduate school, and career opportunities. If you have a question, please contact your academic advisor immediately. At a minimum, it is recommended that you meet with your academic advisor at least once per semester to plan your registration for the next semester.

You can find out who your academic advisor is by looking on the Student tab on MyMiami. If a CPB academic advisor is not listed, please contact the CPB department office to determine your academic advisor.

Advising Resources

Degree requirements

Other Resources

CPB Lead Departmental Advisor (LDA)

The CPB Lead Departmental Advisor (LDA) can help in the event that your faculty advisor is unavailable.

Dr. Alim Dewan
64 Engineering Building

Academic Advisor

The CPB Academic Advisor handles advising for all freshmen and sophomore students in the CPB department, and is another person that you can seek for help if your faculty advisor is unavailable.

Nick Stanford