Scott Campbell, Ph.D

Dr. Scott Campbell


109 D Benton Hall

Research Interests

  • Multimedia Networking Operating Systems


  • Ph.D., Computer Engineering
    Wright State University
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering
    Case Western Reserve University
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering
    Ohio Northern University


Academic Experience

  • 2000 present, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Systems Analysis,  Miami University 
  • 1986 1988, Teaching Assistant, Digital Design Laboratory, Case Western Reserve University 
  • 1985 1986, Teaching Assistant, Digital Systems, Case Western Reserve University 

Professional Experience

  • LexisNexis, Dayton, Ohio 1996-1999 
  • Senior Research Scientist Applied Research Program, 1996 1999 
  • AT&T Global Information Solutions, Dayton, Ohio, 1988 1995
  • Senior Consulting Engineer
  • Technology & Development Division, 1994 1995
  • Consulting Engineer, Technology & Development Division, 1992 1994
  • Senior Principal Design Engineer, Advanced Development, 1991 1992 
  • Principal Design Engineer, Workstation Development, 1990 1991 
  • Design Engineer, Workstation Advanced Development, 1988 1990

Professional Organizations

  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • IEEE
  • Tau Beta Pi
  • Ohio Professional Engineer (1992)

Principle Publications

  • Scott Campbell and James D. Kiper, "A Risk-aware Approach to Knowledge Management of Security Choices", Proceedings of First NSF/ NSA/ AFRL Workshop on Secure Knowledge Management, September 23-24, 2004, Buffalo, NY.
  • S. Campbell and S. M. Chung, "Video Decimator Design Using a Systolic Array,'' Proc. of IEEE Int'l Symposium on Circuit and Systems, Vol. 3, IEEE Press, 1993, pp. 1726-1729. 
  • S. Campbell, "Multimedia Technology and Databases," NCR Technical Journal, Vol. 8, No. 1, 1994, pp. 10-21. 
  • S. Campbell and S. M. Chung, "Multimedia Content Storage and Management,'' Proc. of ACM Multimedia '94 Workshop on Multimedia Database Management Systems, 1994, pp. 79-88. 
  • S. Campbell and S. M. Chung, "The Role of Database Systems in the Management of Multimedia Information,'' Proc. of 1st Int'l Workshop on Multimedia Database Management Systems, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1995, pp. 4-11. 
  • S. Campbell and S. M. Chung, "Database Approach for the Management of Multimedia Information,'' Multimedia Database Systems: Design and Implementation Strategies, K. C. Nwosu, B. Thuraisingham and P. B. Berra (editors), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996, pp. 17-46. 
  • S. Campbell and S. M. Chung, "Delivery Scheduling of Multimedia Streams Using Query Scripts,'' Multimedia Information Storage and Management, Soon M. Chung (editor), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996, pp. 237-255. 
  • S. Campbell and S. M. Chung, "Scheduling and Optimization of the Delivery of Multimedia Streams Using Qury Scripts," accepted to (the journal of) Multimedia Tools and Applications, Kluwer Academic Publishers. 
  • Ph.D. Thesis - "Multimedia Database System Delivery Scheduling Using Query Scripts" This thesis presents two scheduling algorithms for providing guaranteed delivery of synchronized multimedia streams from multimedia database systems. This work introduces a new client interface that allows a client to specify delivery timing of multiple multimedia streams. The multimedia database management system is then able to guarantee and optimize the content's delivery using the client's specification. A system level simulation showed that this method satisfied the client's specified temporal relationships while providing better utilization of system resources.