CSE 451/551 Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures (3 credits)

Catalog description:

Intro to service-oriented architectures; examine purposes and differences between different web service technologies; analyze shortcomings and strengths of integration techniques; development of cross-platform applications using standard interchange languages.


CSE 383

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe the primary issues related to the use of service-oriented architectures and service-oriented computing
  • Develop web services using a variety of modern languages
  • Develop applications that use web services
  • Create applications using serialization and deserialization of standard data formats
  • Identify the purpose of various technologies in the web services stack
  • Create data specifications with the purpose of supporting standards-based data interchange
  • Identify and recognize different aspects service specifications
  • Identify and recognize the relationship between transport mechanisms and service specifications
  • Describe different quality attributes related completing service idioms
  • Develop applications that integrate web services
  • Create applications on a wide variety of platforms that use web services

Graduate students:

Students taking the course for graduate credit will have additional or more in-depth problems in the lab/programming assignments.