CSE Departmental Honors

Requirements for admission:

  1. Minimum of a 3.5 GPA in CSE courses, and 3.0 overall.
  2. Completion of at least 96 credit hours in the CSE curriculum including STA 368 or STA 401, CSE 274, CSE 385 and all prerequisites.
  3. Agreement from a CSE faculty member to sponsor your project. (Generally the student would seek sponsorship during the second semester of the junior year in anticipation of carrying out the program during the senior year.)

Requirements for completion of the Departmental Honors program:

  1. Development of a written plan for completing the project. This plan should include the following:
    • Statement of the project goal;
    • Statement of the approach to be used in achieving the goal including a reading list if appropriate;
    • Description of the tangible product expected at the completion of the project;
    • Credit hours of CSE 480 to be taken as independent study to complete this project (minimum of 3, maximum of 6; up to 3 hours may be used to satisfy the CSE elective requirement);
    • Specification of any CSE electives that are required to complete this project;

    This plan must be approved by the sponsoring faculty member and the department chair.

  2. Completion of the requirements specified in the written plan.
  3. Completion of a well-written technical report summarizing the project and results. This report must be submitted to the sponsoring faculty member for approval at least three weeks prior to graduation to allow time to correct an unacceptable report.

If you have questions about this program, please check with the assistant department chair or the chief departmental advisor.