Software Engineering

Computer software engineers help businesses and other organizations adopt and integrate new technologies and maximize the efficiency of their computer systems. Software engineering emphasizes topics such as software design, software quality assurance, software requirements analysis, software project management, software maintenance, and formal methods for software development. For more information, see the software engineering section of Miami's Majors page.

Specialization areas

Software engineering majors with catalog years before fall 2020 need to select a Specialization Area as part of their degree requirements. Visit the Software Engineering Specialization Areas page for a current list of Specialization Areas.

Curriculum Description by Catalog Year

You should follow the plan for your catalog year, which is typically the first year you started at Miami. However, you have the option to change your catalog year. If you are unsure of what your catalog year is, you can find out by reviewing your Degree Audit Report (DAR) on BannerWeb.

Curriculum Requirements