MME Senior Design Projects

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MME Senior Design Mission Statement : Developing design and manufacturing solutions for industrial businesses while providing a powerful real-world educational experience to Miami Engineering students.

Business Benefits

  • Multiple project teams of 3-5 senior-level engineers working 10 hours per week for 9 months to develop an optimized, customer-focused, manufacturing or design solution for your company (no wages or benefits required).
  • All projects at a minimum are required to produce a working drawing package, manufacturing plan, and functional prototype.
  • Each business will have access to attend the Senior Design Expo and exposure to Miami Engineering students for potential hiring purposes.

Project Quality Assurance

To ensure the quality of the project outcomes,

  • Each project team of engineers has an MME faculty advisor who will be directing and mentoring the students in the project activities.
  • Each project team is required to submit and pass 8 Gate Reviews to ensure project objectives are being met thoroughly and effectively.
  • An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) can and will be signed by businesses to ensure protection of all development activities and proprietary information.

Next Steps

  • Review the Miami University MME Senior Design Business Partnership Plan
  • Submit the Miami University MME Senior Design Project Proposal Application (Applications must be submitted by August 15 th to be eligible for the Fall Semester project launch or January 15 th to be eligible for Spring Semester Projects).

We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to inform you if your Project Proposal has been accepted and approved.  Note that this is a competitive market and not all Project Proposals will be accepted. If your project is not accepted, it will be added to our waiting list for future consideration.

Business Forms

2019-2020 Senior Design Award Winners

  • Best Overall Project Award: ARIEL1 (Ryan Demaree, Ronan, Driscoll, Scotty Fraser, Mason McCabe, Inés Muñoz de Cote Solano-López). Advisor: Fazeel Khan.
    Goal: Design of a natural gas leak management system for Ariel Pumping Systems
  • Innovation Award KAIVAC (Justing Carter, Ruchira Gupta, Maggie Jones, Zach Kelley, Jake Lindley). Advisor: John Richter
    Goal: Design implementation of a low noise vacuum motor for the kaivac OmniFlex Cleaning System
  • Manufacturing Award: TEXTRON (Johannes Aquino, Meredith Engel, Mitchell Georgia-Hoard, Noah SImon, Sean Steckle). Advisor: Muhammed Jahan
    Goal: Design of improved safety systems for Textron manufacturing equipment
  • Humanitarian Award: BP (Nick Kavouris, Bangchi Mao, Logan Ranly, Brent Reichert). Advisor: Jeong-Hoi Koo
    Goal: Design of a blood flow simulator for testing blood pressure parameter variations