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What is a Gig?

  • A highly specific engagement, assignment or project with clearly defined parameters, goals and deliverables
  • Short-term (5 to 40 hours)
  • May be completed on site or remotely
  • Flexible for both you and the organization
  • Available year-round



  • Explore industries, companies and the world of work
  • Network with potential employers
  • Hone skills and interests while applying classroom learning
  • Complete around academic schedules
  • Access to paraprofessional work during academic term

How to Find a Gig

On Parker Dewey 

  • Create an account on Parker Dewey
  • View paid, professional, project-based micro-internship opportunities with real companies customized for Miami students

On Handshake



  • Improve entry-level hiring by providing access to a wider and diverse pool of talent
  • Promote and enhance brand recognition on college campuses
  • Engage with relevant, fresh perspectives
  • Completed deliverables at a fixed cost

How to Post a Gig

On Parker Dewey 

  • Create an account on Parker Dewey 
  • Post opportunity
  • Posting guidelines:
    • Must be a paid opportunity ranging from 10 to 40 hours of work
    • Can be completed remotely
  • This program allows employers to get immediate support and enhance their pipeline for future interns and new hires. Through its partnership with Miami, Parker Dewey handles all the administrative burden, including processing payroll and managing tax forms.

On Handshake

  • Register on Handshake
  • Label the opportunity: “Gig: Name of Project”
  • Posting guidelines:
    • Must be a paid opportunity
    • Include a brief description of the scope of work/expectations of student
    • Estimated time of completion
    • Identify if this is a remote or in person opportunity or a combination of both
    • Classify the position as an internship

Gigs vs. Internships

Gig Internship
Scope Specific project Multiple projects and duties (in most cases)
Duration Measured in estimated work hours for project to be completed Measured in academic semesters from one to multiple
Employee Type Contract worker; not an employee Typically considered an employee; Part-time or Full-time
Compensation Paid - hourly wage Paid or unpaid

Find Your Next Gig

Parker Dewey offers the largest network of highly motivated college students and recent graduates who are excited to complete short-term, paid, professional assignments. While executing these Micro-Internships, Career Launchers demonstrate their skills and grit, and exceed expectations as they seek the right full-time role or internship.


What is the hourly rate associated with a gig?

The average hourly rate of a gig is between $12-$25 per hour; this will depend on location, type and size of the organization hosting the opportunity.

What is the typical length of a gig?

A gig can range between 5-40 hours of work, with the expectation that the assignment to complete within a month. 

Who pays for the gig?

The sponsoring employer or organization is responsible for compensating you. Often, 1099s are issued.

What types of skill sets are beneficial for gigs?

In addition to the skills identified within the scope of work, it is helpful for students pursuing a gig to:

  • Be entrepreneurial
  • Have the ability to manage time
  • Navigate a variety of communication channels
  • Demonstrate initiative by showing interest, asking questions, applying feedback and responding promptly to queries
  • Maintain confidentiality

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