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Prepare for your job and internship search. Attend Career Center programs like Career Fair Prep events, practice your interviewing skills, and develop your job-search tools: cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile.

Programs and Events

The Career Center hosts a variety of events for students of all majors. Get ready to explore your career options, prepare for your future career, and connect with potential employers.
A student shakes hands with an employer at a career fair.


Interviewing is the conversation between a candidate/potential employee and an employer to determine if the candidate aligns with the culture and needs of the organization. The interview is the candidate’s opportunity to market their qualifications to the employer.

A student talking to a business rep at a career fair.

Why Attend a Career Fair?

Even if your job search is just beginning, Career Fairs provide a great opportunity to make connections and hone your interviewing skills.

Networking Opportunities

Explore Career Options

Learn about Companies

Resume Building and Feedback

Interview Practice

Access to Internship Opportunities

Professional Development Workshops

Visibility for Graduate Programs

Resume and Cover Letters

Even if you are not a strong writer, don't be intimidated by the thought of needing a polished resume and cover letter. CCES has the resources to assist you.

Center for Career Exploration and Success

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