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VMock – SMART Career Acceleration Platform

VMock is a career preparation and development platform that uses artificial intelligence to assist you in enhancing your professional career tools. It provides personalized feedback and recommendations based on industry best practices and data-driven insights to help improve your career journey.

VMock Features

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SMART Resume Module

The SMART Resume Platform gives real-time feedback and suggestions to improve your resume. VMock benchmarks it against 100+ parameters, offering personalized sample suggestions based on your job role.

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Career Fit Module

Career Fit helps you assess, improve, and optimize your resume for a target career. It explores careers based on your profile, highlights key resume elements, and provides details on relevant majors, degrees, coursework, tools, and internships.

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Interview Module

The VMock Interview module is designed to empower you, regardless of where you are in your career journey. VMock delivers instant, personalized, and intelligent guidance, propelling you towards success. The Interview Module is composed of three separate elements: Elevator Pitch, Mock Interview, and SMART Interview.

VMock Interview Modules

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Elevator Pitch

When someone asks, “Tell me about yourself,” you can respond with confidence. VMock Elevator Pitch gives you immediate, objective feedback on your verbal and physical presentation. Improve your personal brand with insights into your body posture, eye contact, smile, attire, and communication skills.

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Mock Interview

Ace your interviews with Vmock Mock Interview, which uses cutting-edge software to offer real-time feedback on crucial aspects like body language, speech, and interview structure to prepare you for the real thing.

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SMART Interview

Simulate a real-life interview experience with the SMART Interview module, which generates a personalized questionnaire just for you. Receive feedback on your performance and practice a variety of interviews across multiple disciplines.