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Data Analytics Storytelling Microcredential

Case Studies

Sparkling Water Case Study 

 Case study focusing on Vandelay Markets a grocer who is experiencing a decline in customer engagement. A vendor has reached out about supplying a new sparkling water, which is a category that has seen growth recently, they believe this addition will increase consumer drive to the store and product category. It is your job to measure the success of this product on the category and the store.  

CincyTech Case Study 

 Case study that uses a collection of data from individuals to understand what will be required to restore people's confidence and establish a new definition of normal in a post COVID-19 world. From this data collection and analysis establish a map for reigniting the economy and mapping the future. This data collection will be from a series of surveys to understand people's perspective on the situation. CincyTech has requested this, as leading stage seed-investor, in order to transform the ideas into successful business models. 

84.51 Carbo-Loading Case Study 

 This case study had students work with 84.51, a part of the Kroger Company. Students were given 2 years worth of data collected by Kroger on their major carb-loading products as well as product placement data and store location data. It is the job of the students to create a product promotion strategy that is supported by data insights. 

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