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Enhancing Curriculum Content and Delivery for First-Year Experience Courses


  • Faculty and staff who have previously instructed a first-year experience designated course at Miami University.
  • Faculty and staff who will be teaching a section of a first-year experience designated course at Miami in fall 2024.


Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds.


Online Application


April 26, 2024

Purpose and Description

The University currently enrolls over 95% of new students in a first-year experience (FYE) designated course where the learning outcomes are shared across all sections. Through the creation of a collaborative learning environment, participants in this FLC will exchange ideas on content delivery, activities used to meet learning objectives, and explore opportunities to engage with generationally-relevant training in curriculum design. Analysis of course outcome data coupled with discussions on current research and best practices will guide discussions and promote ideas for continuous improvement. Knowledge and learning gained through this FLC will enhance instructor support for course content delivery.


Members will:

  1. Analyze first-year experience course data that applies directly to courses taught in their discipline with recommendations for improvement and comparison to cohort data.
  2. Engage with resources regarding first-year seminars to inspire discussions and idea generation.
  3. Contribute research and best practices from their disciplines as a way of broadening perspectives and knowledge in the group.
  4. Develop a comprehensive and generationally-relevant training guide designed to support instructors in their respective areas who implement first-year experience courses. 
  5. Create a collaborative learning environment where instructors can exchange ideas on content delivery, activities used to meet the common learning objectives and share with the larger community of first-year experience course instructors.



  • Gwen Fears, Student Life; Co-facilitator
  • Liz Walsh-Trevino, Orientation and Transition Programs, Student Life; Co-facilitator

Center for Teaching Excellence

317 Laws Hall
551 E. High Street
Oxford, OH 45056