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Faculty Learning Communities for 2023-2024

Advancing Teacher Scholars Community for Early-Career Faculty

Co-Hort Based
Invitation Only

Assisting members in developing their teaching abilities by participating in a yearlong series of differentiated activities that contribute to and culminate in pedagogy-based projects related to teaching and learning.

New Graduate Directors

Co-Hort Based

Building the capacity of new graduate program directors to effectively lead their graduate programs, and ensure they have a network of support and resources to do so.

Teaching STEM

Topic Based

Strategies to Support Faculty Development and Enhance Teaching Effectiveness.

Faculty Learning Communities for 2022-2023

ACUE Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning

Topic Based

Developing a deeper understanding of implicit bias, microaggressions, stereotype threat, and imposter syndrome in an effort to continuously improve the ability to create inclusive and equitable learning environments that ensure every student has the opportunities necessary to succeed.

Center for Teaching Excellence

317 Laws Hall
551 E. High Street
Oxford, OH 45056