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Let's Play: Improving our Teaching with an Understanding of AI in the Medium of Tabletop Games


Anyone is eligible, noting that we are looking beyond people who consider themselves "gamers" and the ideas of the use of games is "as a medium to experience both teaching and learning."  Experience with AI is also not necessary.  Instead, we seek participants interested in the exploration and improvement of our teaching and learning.


Each participant will receive $500 in professional development funds.


Online Application


April 26, 2024

Purpose and Description

The goal of this FLC is to continue faculty learning in the "Let's Play" model ( using the medium of board games to elicit discussion of teaching experiences and allow participants to feel those experiences first-hand in a shortened amount of time.  Note, the "Let’s Play" model does not focus on how to incorporate games in the classroom.  The model is to use games to experience and explore teaching and learning questions.

The focus for participants in this FLC is to explore AI tools with respect to teaching and learning in the domain of using board games to ask the questions of how AI fits into our paradigms of learning and teaching. Participants will get to experience, once again, what it feels like to be a learner by being exposed to new ideas/systems via the chosen games and be able to relate their experiences to the methods they use in their classroom when instructing students who are typically at a similar level of (lack of) knowledge in a topic. 

The early sessions will expose participants to the "Let's Play" approach adding a discussion of how rules and strategy are elements of both games and instruction. The later portion of the FLC will focus on using AI tools to play or help (strategy-wise) play the games to understand what is possible with these tools in an educational setting.


Members will:

  • Participate in the "Let’s Play" faculty development curriculum (early sessions) and be introduced to how the medium of games allows us to explore teaching and learning ideas. 
  • We will then, as a group, explore ideas that are emerging from AI tools with the focus of answering the overarching questions of
    • "How do the emergence of these AI tools change how I perform my work?"
    • "How do I teach students how to engage with these AI tools to learn and prepare for their future work?"
  • Each member will have a small project in the use of AI tools with respect to the above two questions that will be reported on and included as general deliverable for the rest of the Miami community on what we have learned about AI tools in regards to education.



  • Karen Davis, Computer Science & Software Engineering; Co-facilitator
  • Peter Jamieson, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Co-facilitator

Center for Teaching Excellence

317 Laws Hall
551 E. High Street
Oxford, OH 45056