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Miami and the Land: Environmental Issues and Sustainability at Miami


Early in the semester, students will complete a module in which they learn about the major historical milestones related to the expansion of Miami's campus, resource use, and environmental impacts.

Students will be provided with numerous resources in a Canvas folder, and they will be asked to read at least 3 archival resources before responding to a discussion prompt (online). The students will also respond to at least one peer.

In class, they will discuss how students have been involved in responding to environmental issues on campus and seeking changes.

Finally, students will complete an assignment in which they make recommendations for Miami's future.

  • Discussion Post Prompt: Based on your reading of at least 3 different archival articles, what environmental issues has Miami dealt with (or been concerned about) historically? What resources have been used on campus? Do you believe Miami has worked to be proactive in addressing environmental issues; why or why not?
  • Recommendations for the Future: Given what we’ve learned in our course, how might you anticipate the questions of a building administrator, city council official, or concerned community member as they weigh new sustainability initiatives?

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the resources that have historically been used on Miami's campus/ by Miami students.
  • Examine student/campus led efforts aimed at preserving natural resources or increasing sustainability.
  • Assess the impact of these efforts and reflect on how they have shaped Miami's relationship with the community.
  • Propose solutions to current or future issues related to Miami's use of natural resources or sustainability.

Archival Sources

For this project, students should be encouraged to explore articles discussing environmental awareness efforts on campus as covered by the Miami Student. Examples include:

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551 E. High Street
Oxford, OH 45056