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The following publications provide access to completed Myaamia Center research projects.

myaamia kiilhswaakani

Cover of the 2024 Myaamia Lunar Calendar

Myaamia Lunar Calendar (2024)

This lunar calendar, used by the myaamia people, includes Gregorian date comparisons and culturally relevant photography.


Front cover of the Going to School phrase book

Myaamia Phrase Book: Going to School (2013)

Second in a series produced for Myaamia language learners.

myaamiaki iši meetohseeniwiciki

Cover of the How the Miami People Live book

How the Miami People Live (2010)

Based on an exhibit presented by Miami University in 2008, this booklet contains photos, quotes, and lectures intended to recreate the experience.


Cover of the Greetings Phrase Book

Myaamia Phrase Book: Greetings (2007)

Learn common myaamia greetings and related phrases using this phrase book.

myaamia iilaataweenki

Cover of the Miami is Spoken Audio booklet

Miami is Spoken (2002)

This audio CD contains a recording of an assortment of Myaamia terms, organized by semantic domain, in the Miami-Illinois language.