Mindfulness and Contemplative Inquiry

Purpose and Description

The CTE mission is to embody and promote engagement with scholarly and reflective teaching practices. Similarly, "contemplative practices cultivate a critical, first-person focus, sometimes with direct experience as the object, while at other times concentrating on complex ideas or situations"(ACMHE). Contemplative practices include an active and embodied reflection and learning experience.

This field is relatively new and we consider contemplative practices that develop novel ways of understanding material will contribute to the intellectual development of both the faculty member and student.

Each component for this Faculty Learning Community (FLC), practice, pedagogy, and research, will be addressed through embodied learning practices, pedagogy, and research that is attentive to explicit and implicit bias. Contemplative teaching and learning allows and is open to the body being part of learning and teaching; we will interrogate Miami's particular culture and ways in which community focused contemplative practices, pedagogy, and inquiry can open up new conversations and purposeful action.


We will meet to develop materials further and provide all materials on a Google site. Each session includes:

  • contemplative practice
  • a related "critical inquiry" exercise to be used in class and designed to promote an inclusive class environment
  • course development and/or SoTL research development exercises
  • time to develop Miami guidelines distinguishing between a contemplative exercise, a course with embedded contemplative practices and inquiry, a contemplative course.
  • guidelines for best practices related to syllabus design and contemplative SoTL evaluation: a weekly practice; a class exercise and/or sample research project.


2016-2017 Group A

  • Katherine Abbott, Sociology and Gerontology
  • Denise Baszile, Educational Leadership
  • Stefanie Dunning, English
  • Dominque Hill, Educational Leadership
  • Bennett Jacks, Architecture and Interior Design
  • Suzanne Klatt, Director, Mindfulness and Contemplative Inquiry Center, Facilitator
  • Theresa Kulbaga, English
  • Susana Madinabeitia Manso, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Gretchen Matuszak, Kinesiology and Health
  • Glenn Muschert, Sociology and Gerontology, Facilitator
  • Rosemary Pennington, Media, Journalism and Film
  • Amy Restorick Roberts, Family Studies and Social Work
  • Joseph Schroer, Educational Psychology

2016-2017 Group B

  • Ana Baratta, Learning Specialist Coordinator
  • Kristen Budd, Sociology and Gerontology
  • Sharon Custer, Family Studies and Social Work
  • Ancilleno Davis, Biology
  • Michael Edwards, Teacher Education
  • Ilknur Eginili, English
  • Kate Francis, Howe Center for Writing Excellence
  • Peter Jamieson, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Suzanne Klatt, Director, Mindfulness and Contemplative Inquiry Center, Facilitator
  • Laura Llamas Fraga, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Terri Messman Moore, Psychology
  • TaraShea Nesbit, English
  • Gaile Pohlhaus, Philosophy