Midcourse Evaluation

Process for Enacting High-Quality Midcourse Evaluation in Courses

The CTE is committed to supporting instructors in delivering high-quality learning experiences for students and continuously improving their practice. We are also committed to supporting the University requirement for instructors to provide multiple measures of teaching effectiveness as outlined in the MU Policy Manual. The CTE facilitates a comprehensive process to support instructors in collecting student data for documenting teaching effectiveness. This process includes online resources, seminars, and consultations and has been highly rated and recommended by instructors.

Midterm Assessment Flowchart with process parts listed

The CTE supports the Process for Enacting High-Quality Midcourse Evaluation Courses with the resources, programs, and services described below.


Online Resources for Midcourse Evaluation

The Midcourse Evaluation Resources on the CTE website include the purposes, instructor considerations, and process recommendations for midcourse evaluations. For the most popular self-administered midcourse evaluation methods, see the last three columns on the Top 3 Midcourse Evaluation Tools.

Learn More & Collect Data

Seminars to Support Instructor Implementation of Midcourse Evaluation

The CTE is offering 3 seminars early each semester to support instructors in choosing and implementing a midcourse evaluation tool to serve their needs.

  • Using Midterm Feedback for Instructional Improvement
  • Using the Student Assessment of Their Learning Gains for Midcourse Evaluation
    • September 12, 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. (face-to-face) - Register Here
    • September 13, 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. (face-to-face) - Register Here

Midterm course evaluation tools are available for you to use on the online resources page.


Consultations with CTE Faculty Teaching Associates

Following the implementation of their midcourse evaluation, instructors are encouraged to request a consultation with a CTE Faculty Teaching Associate. Guided by the consultant, the instructor will discuss and interpret results and create a plan for an instructional response. All consultations are confidential.

Request a Midcourse Evaluation consultation-Oxford.

Request a Midcourse Evaluation consultation-Regionals.


Documenting Your Midcourse Evaluation

If you consulted with a CTE Facilitator, download and use this fillable pdf form.

If you did not consult with a CTE Facilitator, download and use this fillable pdf form.